Shipping Chocolate When It’s Hot Outside

While we have an excellent track record at shipping chocolate in the heat, there are some factors we simply cannot control.  The primary cause of melted chocolate is from it sitting outside after delivery.  Below are some ways to make sure your goods arrive in best condition:

  • Have them delivered somewhere that someone can receive them. This is the absolute best way to ensure your chocolates do not melt.  If you work when your mail is delivered, send them to your work place, if possible.  If you choose this option, let us know in the “Notes” section when placing your order letting us know it must arrive Monday-Friday (or whatever dates your office is open).
  • Ship your chocolates to a PO Box.  It works perfectly to have your goodies shipped there!
  • Choose Express Shipping if the heat in your area is sever to avoid melting.  This is a more expensive option, but we can absolutely guarantee it will not melt!
  • Hold your delivery at a Post Office.  Let us know in Notes which Post Office you would like it held at, but be aware that the one you choose MUST allow General Delivery.  Check their website for details.

We will do our best to keep your order safe and sound!  Each package has a protective heat reflecting shield and ice pack(s) calculated specifically for the amount of chocolate being shipped.  In addition, each box is marked as Perishable to let the delivery person know to take extra care.