Kick Off Your Winter Holiday Season on Green Wednesday Instead of Black Friday

Green Wednesday

It’s getting to be that time of year again. Holiday season….. Time to get ready for celebrating all that’s good with your family and friends. If you are hosting your holiday celebration at home, you can be certain it’s a lot of planning. With each step of planning comes more questions and decisions, coordination and adjustments. Just the planning can significantly build up your levels of stress and anxiety. Let’s take a look at how this might play out…


The Invitation List

Your first consideration is who to invite and when you want them to start arriving, Once you’ve gotten that figured out emails, texts, or phone calls need to be made to coordinate everything. But this can open up a lot of new questions and problems that have to be further coordinated. Your childhood friend is coming and would like to stay at your place instead of a hotel. Can you make room for them? Who is going to pick up Uncle Joe at the airport? Where is everyone going to park? On a low to high scale of 1 to 10, your stress level is probably on 3 by now. Not bad, so on to the next step.

The Menu

Once you know who’s coming, you can start your menu planning. You’ll have to make sure you have enough food and beverages for everyone. You hope you can count on promises from Aunt Nelly that she’ll actually bring her prize winning pie this year while figuring out what to serve as a backup if she doesn’t. Kids are coming, so you’ll need to make sure to have enough snack stuff on hand for them. Maybe juice boxes too. Plus, you need to find a couple of vegan and gluten free options for your brother’s significant other who is coming along. Stress level check, likely around 5. Carry on.

The Food Shopping

Once you’ve settled on your menu, next comes getting ready for shopping for the food you need to prepare everything. Do you have enough money for everything? What store has the best prices? Will the weather hold out so you can get to the store to get what you need? Can you catch a good sale on hams if you check different stores out in your neighborhood? If you order some of the desserts online, will they be delivered on time? If they come early, where are you going to store them with no room in the refrigerator? Too many things to think about. It’s been 4 days of planning so far and you realize there are still lots of things to figure out. Stress check now at 6. 

The Decorations

You’re now ready to move on to your plans for decorating. With this come another load of questions and more worries. Should you do the same thing you did last year? Are all the lights working? Maybe you need to get more? Who can you get to help you put up everything? Where did you put the wreath you took down in March last year? Your stress and anxiety level is very likely on overload by this point – maybe approaching a 7, but you have to keep up with the planning.

The Cleaning

If you’re lucky, you can hire somebody to clean your home for you. But, for most of us that can’t, we can look forward to hours and hours of tedious dusting, scrubbing, polishing, and vacuuming. Trying to figure out how to accomplish all of that, you find yourself asking when should you start cleaning? Which rooms need it the most? Who’s going to help you? Can you get somebody to help lift the heavy furniture? What about outside? Is there anything there that needs to be repaired? There’s lots to do in a short amount of time and you can feel your anxiety rising. Stress check has you at a solid 8 right now. Sleep is difficult since your mind is now dancing with so many questions involving all parts of the planning process.

The Cooking

If you’re smart, you’ll likely start cooking what you can at least a week before. This could be baked goods that can be frozen, side dishes, and the like. But on the day of your event, you’ll be the one up before the sun getting a start on prepping food for the dishes you plan to create as the day moves along. Timing everything just right can make or break your festivities, so a lot of care needs to go into this part of the planning. When can you find the time to start prepping food? Do you have the right cookware on hand? Where can you get extra serving platters from? Where did you put the recipe for the casserole you wanted to make? How many potatoes do you need for 20 people and how the heck long does it take to peel and chop the darn things? The show is on and it’s up to you to make it work! Your stress level has now reached 10. This is when you think “what have I gotten myself into and how do I get out of it?” 



As you can see, there is lots of work that begins well ahead of your holiday event – sometimes weeks before your guests are expected. And with all that work, there’s a lot of stress, beginning pretty much on the day you decide to host everyone. What’s even harder is that as your stress and anxiety levels rise during this time of preparation, your sleep can become adversely affected, furthering your feelings of stress. What happens next happens to many of us who are the hosts. We’re so tired that we can’t truly enjoy the company of our family and friends, the food we’ve prepared, and the wonderful environment we’ve created. 

No one wants to be frazzled when guests arrive. We need to wind down, turn our mind off, and get some good solid sleep every night. We’ve got a suggestion for helping you with this. 

Forget Black Friday – a day when you’re buying for everyone else. Put yourself first instead. Make Green Wednesday the official start of your holiday season this year and get yourself some CBD chocolate to help relieve your stress and anxiety. 


Green Wednesday, also called Weed Wednesday, is the day before Thanksgiving when companies that sell CBD products offer fantastic sales. For example, Difiori will be offering 20% on all of our CBD products including our pure CBD oil tinctures, organic CBN sleep gummies,  hand-crafted organic couverture Swiss chocolates infused with premium American CBD and more. 

And because we know that your stress and anxiety from holiday planning is likely to start well before Weed Wednesday, you can get this great discount right away!


First and foremost, many say CBD is a great way to take the edge off whether in the form of an edible like CBD chocolates or CBD gummies, an injectable like CBD oil tinctures etc…..  In our article “CBD Edibles, Can They Really Take You from Stressed to Relaxed?”, we explain all the reasons why CBD helps many to relieve stress, anxiety, relax and get better sleep.

Second, if you’re already used to using CBD and purchase it from a local dispensary, you may find yourself in need but the dispensary is closed for the holidays. Instead, choose to order your CBD chocolates and CBD Edibles from Difiori and they’ll be delivered right to your door. 

And third, you may be looking for a bit of discretion with your use of CBD. With family and friends around, even during your preparation time, using non-edible products like tinctures or vapes makes concealing your use a bit harder. With several flavors to choose from, Difiori CBD Chocolates and other CBD products easily help you solve this problem. 


The most important part of your holiday planning should be to put your needs first. Including a purchase of Difiori CBD edibles in your plan will help ensure you’ll be relaxed and feeling rested so you can enjoy your holiday event with your family and friends. Plus, they make beautiful and elegant gifts for others as well.

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