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Kick Off Your Winter Holiday Season on Green Wednesday Instead of Black Friday

Green Wednesday

It’s getting to be that time of year again. Holiday season….. Time to get ready for celebrating all that’s good with your family and friends. If you are hosting your holiday celebration at home, you can be certain it’s a lot of planning. With each step of planning comes more questions and decisions, coordination and adjustments. Just the planning can significantly build up your levels of stress and anxiety. Let’s take a look at how this might play out…


The Invitation List

Your first consideration is who to invite and when you want them to start arriving, Once you’ve gotten that figured out emails, texts, or phone calls need to be made to coordinate everything. But this can open up a lot of new questions and problems that have to be further coordinated. Your childhood friend is coming and would like to stay at your place instead of a hotel. Can you make room for them? Who is going to pick up Uncle Joe at the airport? Where is everyone going to park? On a low to high scale of 1 to 10, your stress level is probably on 3 by now. Not bad, so on to the next step.

The Menu

Once you know who’s coming, you can start your menu planning. You’ll have to make sure you have enough food and beverages for everyone. You hope you can count on promises from Aunt Nelly that she’ll actually bring her prize winning pie this year while figuring out what to serve as a backup if she doesn’t. Kids are coming, so you’ll need to make sure to have enough snack stuff on hand for them. Maybe juice boxes too. Plus, you need to find a couple of vegan and gluten free options for your brother’s significant other who is coming along. Stress level check, likely around 5. Carry on.

The Food Shopping

Once you’ve settled on your menu, next comes getting ready for shopping for the food you need to prepare everything. Do you have enough money for everything? What store has the best prices? Will the weather hold out so you can get to the store to get what you need? Can you catch a good sale on hams if you check different stores out in your neighborhood? If you order some of the desserts online, will they be delivered on time? If they come early, where are you going to store them with no room in the refrigerator? Too many things to think about. It’s been 4 days of planning so far and you realize there are still lots of things to figure out. Stress check now at 6. 

The Decorations

You’re now ready to move on to your plans for decorating. With this come another load of questions and more worries. Should you do the same thing you did last year? Are all the lights working? Maybe you need to get more? Who can you get to help you put up everything? Where did you put the wreath you took down in March last year? Your stress and anxiety level is very likely on overload by this point – maybe approaching a 7, but you have to keep up with the planning.

The Cleaning

If you’re lucky, you can hire somebody to clean your home for you. But, for most of us that can’t, we can look forward to hours and hours of tedious dusting, scrubbing, polishing, and vacuuming. Trying to figure out how to accomplish all of that, you find yourself asking when should you start cleaning? Which rooms need it the most? Who’s going to help you? Can you get somebody to help lift the heavy furniture? What about outside? Is there anything there that needs to be repaired? There’s lots to do in a short amount of time and you can feel your anxiety rising. Stress check has you at a solid 8 right now. Sleep is difficult since your mind is now dancing with so many questions involving all parts of the planning process.

The Cooking

If you’re smart, you’ll likely start cooking what you can at least a week before. This could be baked goods that can be frozen, side dishes, and the like. But on the day of your event, you’ll be the one up before the sun getting a start on prepping food for the dishes you plan to create as the day moves along. Timing everything just right can make or break your festivities, so a lot of care needs to go into this part of the planning. When can you find the time to start prepping food? Do you have the right cookware on hand? Where can you get extra serving platters from? Where did you put the recipe for the casserole you wanted to make? How many potatoes do you need for 20 people and how the heck long does it take to peel and chop the darn things? The show is on and it’s up to you to make it work! Your stress level has now reached 10. This is when you think “what have I gotten myself into and how do I get out of it?” 



As you can see, there is lots of work that begins well ahead of your holiday event – sometimes weeks before your guests are expected. And with all that work, there’s a lot of stress, beginning pretty much on the day you decide to host everyone. What’s even harder is that as your stress and anxiety levels rise during this time of preparation, your sleep can become adversely affected, furthering your feelings of stress. What happens next happens to many of us who are the hosts. We’re so tired that we can’t truly enjoy the company of our family and friends, the food we’ve prepared, and the wonderful environment we’ve created. 

No one wants to be frazzled when guests arrive. We need to wind down, turn our mind off, and get some good solid sleep every night. We’ve got a suggestion for helping you with this. 

Forget Black Friday – a day when you’re buying for everyone else. Put yourself first instead. Make Green Wednesday the official start of your holiday season this year and get yourself some CBD chocolate to help relieve your stress and anxiety. 


Green Wednesday, also called Weed Wednesday, is the day before Thanksgiving when companies that sell CBD products offer fantastic sales. For example, Difiori will be offering 20% on all of our CBD products including our pure CBD oil tinctures, organic CBN sleep gummies,  hand-crafted organic couverture Swiss chocolates infused with premium American CBD and more. 

And because we know that your stress and anxiety from holiday planning is likely to start well before Weed Wednesday, you can get this great discount right away!


First and foremost, many say CBD is a great way to take the edge off whether in the form of an edible like CBD chocolates or CBD gummies, an injectable like CBD oil tinctures etc…..  In our article “CBD Edibles, Can They Really Take You from Stressed to Relaxed?”, we explain all the reasons why CBD helps many to relieve stress, anxiety, relax and get better sleep.

Second, if you’re already used to using CBD and purchase it from a local dispensary, you may find yourself in need but the dispensary is closed for the holidays. Instead, choose to order your CBD chocolates and CBD Edibles from Difiori and they’ll be delivered right to your door. 

And third, you may be looking for a bit of discretion with your use of CBD. With family and friends around, even during your preparation time, using non-edible products like tinctures or vapes makes concealing your use a bit harder. With several flavors to choose from, Difiori CBD Chocolates and other CBD products easily help you solve this problem. 


The most important part of your holiday planning should be to put your needs first. Including a purchase of Difiori CBD edibles in your plan will help ensure you’ll be relaxed and feeling rested so you can enjoy your holiday event with your family and friends. Plus, they make beautiful and elegant gifts for others as well.

Get Your 20% Green Wednesday Discount on Difiori CBD Chocolates with code GreenWednesday20 to save 20% on all purchases!

CBD Edibles – Can They Really Take You From Stressed to Relaxed?

CBD Edibles

There’s a lot of truth in this statement made by Charles Horace Mayo, one of the founders of the Mayo Clinic:

“Worry affects the circulation, the heart, the glands, the whole nervous system. I have never known a man who died from overwork, but many who died from doubt.”

Medically speaking, doubt and worrying are seen as components of anxiety and both can be brought on by a wide range of circumstances – most typically from serious health conditions or illnesses, traumatic events, uncomfortable social settings, and even just overworking.  Lately, with people being busier than ever, dealing with just the problems found in day-to-day life can cause high levels of stress to build up and adversely affect one’s health. 

Just How Seriously Does Stress and Not Relaxing Affect Your Health?

Without stress reduction and relaxation, you are subjected to increases in your blood pressure and heart rate – both things that can contribute to a decrease in blood flow to major muscles in your body. Decreased blood flow can then lead to increases in muscle tension further causing aches and pains across your whole body, headaches, and a lack of concentration. Due to the pain and inability to concentrate, the likelihood of a lack of proper emotional response creeps in.  You may have poor control of frustration and anger, and you may even become more prone to depression. It’s easy to find yourself on a vicious cycle. As you deliberately try to relax but can’t, you can become more stressed and end up keeping your body cycling in a constant state of turmoil. This is what’s considered chronic stress.

Chronic stress, simply put, is when your body becomes physically accustomed to the constant lack of relaxation. Your body is made to have a “fight or flight” reaction to protect you from bad things and in situations that are perceived as being harmful, it will release stress hormones to help you out. The problem is that on a long-term basis your body can’t handle being in a perpetual state of panic. That’s because cortisol, one of the main stress hormones released, can wreak havoc with your body. Over time, chronic stress, in addition to the conditions already listed, can cause problems with your digestion, weaken your immune system, bring on further fatigue, result in weight gain, and kick off an imbalance in your endocannabinoid system – the one that helps you maintain a state of biological harmony in response to changes in the environment (homeostasis).

You Want to Let Go and Relax But…

Finding ways to relax and eliminate stress can include a myriad of things. You may have seen suggestions for meditating, doing yoga, spending time with a pet, getting in touch with nature by taking a walk, getting extra sleep, and more. While these are all good suggestions, sometimes any one of these can be difficult to achieve. These difficulties can be based on your surroundings, the time of day, or physical limitations. Maybe you’re stressed while at work. Obviously, you can’t just leave. Perhaps you’re overwrought dealing with your kids. Again, you can’t just remove yourself from the situation. Maybe your day has wrapped up but you can’t seem to readily “shut off” your brain when you go to bed. There are just too many things on your mind that you feel you need to get a grip on before the next day begins. Whatever the circumstance, the ability to calm down and relax may not seem readily available.

So…How Can You Easily Start to Chill Out?

Maybe it’s time to try using cannabidiol (CBD). A byproduct of the cannabis sativa plant (either from the marijuana or hemp species), CBD has been shown in some studies to be an effective part of treatments for anxiety relaxation. In your brain, there are two primary systems that get disrupted when stress levels are too high – serotonin and endocannabinoid. The brain’s serotonin system is responsible for the neural processing of anxiety. Frequent stress can cause the serotonin levels to get out of alignment – either too much or too little can have harsh consequences by not allowing your cortisol levels to remain relatively consistent. The endocannabinoid system regulation is also key. Disruption in this system leads to your not being able to properly process and forget fears brought on by uncomfortable circumstances. 

Some studies have shown that both the serotonin and endocannabinoid systems are highly receptive to the effects of CBD. This interplay is beneficial because, according to the paper Cannabidiol as a Potential Treatment for Anxiety Disorders published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), CBD possesses a wide range of therapeutic properties including those that are “antipsychotic, analgesic, neuroprotective, anticonvulsant, antiemetic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic, and anti-neoplastic.” 

Conveniently Using CBD to Help Yourself Relax

CBD is available in several forms: capsules, aerosols, drops that can be put on food or taken sublingually (placed under your tongue), and in ready-made edibles. It’s the edibles that produce some of the quickest effects in the easiest way as the cannabidiol works its way directly into your bloodstream. Products like gummies and chocolates can be carried with you any time, any place.

When you use CBD orally, you can typically expect the effects to be felt for up to five hours. This may vary depending on a couple of things including the last time you ate, your own body chemistry, and the dosage you are using. There is no standardization in dosages so it might take some experimentation to see what works to make you feel relaxed and how long the effects will last. It’s best to start with the lowest dosage suggested and work from there. It’s also usually recommended that doses should be taken no more than once every four to six hours.

Get Ready to Relax with Some CBD-Infused Chocolate Edibles

CBD can be found infused in lots of edibles, but one of the favorites is when it’s incorporated into chocolates. CBD chocolates are convenient to carry, easy to consume, and a delightful and luxurious way to get you on the road to relaxing. Swiss chocolate, one of the most popular and decadent types, is an all-time favorite and you can learn why so many people prefer it in our article A Short History of World-Renowned Swiss Chocolate. As an added bonus, studies show that people who consume either milk or dark chocolates show evidence of lower stress hormones. This suggests that when chocolate is combined with CBD, the potential of reducing your stress and creating a feeling of relaxation and well-being can be even greater for you.

At Difiori, we only use clean pure American grown hemp extract in our organic couverture Swiss chocolate to create our hand-crafted signature line of products. Our chocolates taste like nothing other than pure, smooth chocolatey goodness that helps you to break the cycle of anxiety, unwind, and relax as you indulge your senses.


CBD Chocolate

We recently learned of a video posted to YouTube featuring the unboxing of Difiori Sweet Swiss Coconut Chocolate. Posted by Bestdosage from Premium CBD Products (a review site that targets lab-tested, customer-approved cannabis brands) this video review shows the unboxing of our product and, most importantly, the poster’s initial reaction when he first takes a bite of our couverture CBD chocolate.

Since the video is almost 10 minutes long (yeah, he raved about us for that much time!), here are some excerpts of Best CBD Chocolate Bar, Organic Couverture Swiss Chocolate (DiFiori Review).


If you like premium you’ve come to the right place. I’ve got Couverture by Difiori CBD Chocolate.

Chocolate review


Couverture chocolate is the name of a class of very high-quality chocolate. It has a higher percentage of cocoa butter than other chocolates. Unlike regular chocolate, couverture chocolate is ground to a finer texture during the process of production and contains a higher percentage of cocoa butter compared to the other ingredients. These differences blend together to produce a superior texture and flavor that makes curvature the preferred chocolate for many people. I read that and I was like ok sounds kind of like BS- but it’s true.

I have right here the three different flavors they sell. You can buy them each individually.

Each one is a bit different. I’ll break down my favorite first which is coconut. Each one has a hundred milligrams of CBD. Really beautifully designed they are. All non-GMO, fair trade, organic, vegan, and Swiss.


So you can see like they come in this little box – kind of like a puzzle – really cool.

They have here a batch number and a date. When you open it up there’s a few tabs on the inside and this shows you the breakdown of CBD.

Chocolate review

Now let’s open it. You have a little gold bag – very easy to open. Voila! Really excited to show you this because look at that. Look at that design! When I saw it on Instagram I just want to buy it just to like see the product.


You can smell like a roasted coconut and chocolate. I want to eat it all but I need to talk to you about it.

Chocolate review


It melts in your mouth. It’s ridiculous!

It breaks up in your mouth…that’s so much of this.

I mean this is ridiculous! It melts in your mouth.

Chocolate review


Wow mom you have to try this.


It’s delicious!


Truly delicious. So creamy…so that’s the Swiss coconut. I love it!”

This is like a post dinner with friends thing as well a great gift to give. I mean they’re all beautifully designed and packaged. This box comes with 300 milligrams of CBD you can take it to a party.”

“I’m sorry I had this like delicious coconut chocolate aftertaste in my mouth really that that chocolate bar is so good.”

“I’m happy with it. I love the chocolate, the CBD. Since you take it post dinner usually this chocolate is a bit relaxing.”


If you had any doubts about trying Difiori CBD Infused Swiss Chocolates, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. From watching Bestdosage’s initial reaction, there should be no doubt that our chocolate products will be beyond expectation. 

Ready to try it yourself? You can purchase our CBD chocolate products here for yourself or as a gift for someone special.

We’d like to thank Bestdosage from Premium CBD Products for this great review and support of our line of couverture CBD chocolates. You can see the whole video here.

5 Reasons to Treat Yourself with Difiori CBD Chocolate – The Best Halloween Candy for Adults

CBD Chocolates

Our highly popular line of CBD Swiss chocolate is unlike others! Here are the top 5 reasons why you should indulge in our grown up treat for Halloween.


  1. TO DIE FOR! | Our smooth and creamy couverture chocolate is made to melt away in your mouth, instantly providing a sense of luxurious decadence. Want proof? Check out this video review. 
  2. ARTISAN MADE | All our Swiss chocolates feature the best sustainably-sourced ingredients and CBD from premium American  hemp. 
  3. 3 FLAVORS TO CHOOSE FROM | Selections include Creamy Milk Chocolate, 70% Dark Chocolate, Sweet Swiss Coconut Chocolate.  Available in both CBD Chocolate Bars and mini individually wrapped CBD chocolates. 
  4. ADDED BENEFIT | The infusion of CBD can help you relax and sleep after a long holiday. 
  5. LAB TESTED | Our #1 Most Popular CBD candy is tested for consistency to give you the best premium chocolate with consistent amounts of CBD.

A Short History of World-Renowned Swiss Chocolate

Cover image for blog article about the history of Swiss chocolate

Swiss chocolate is often revered as the most exceptional type – but why? To understand this, you first need to take a look at two things: the origins of chocolate making and the role of Swiss ingenuity in its creation.


Let’s Travel Way Back in Time to Discover the Origins of Chocolate

Frontispiece illustration for "New and curious treatises of coffee, tea and chocolate", Philippe Sylvestre Dufour, 1685.
“Traités nouveaux & curieux du café du thé et du chocolate”, by Philippe Sylvestre Dufour, 1685, (PD)

Going back to as early as 1900 BCE, Mesoamerican cultures (the early occupiers of regions in South America) like the Zapotec, Maya, Teotihuacan, Olmec, Mixtec, and Mexica (or Aztec) were making chocolate. People of these cultures learned to prepare the beans of their native cacao tree – first by drying them and then by grinding them to a very small size. This allowed the resulting paste-like product to be mixed into a type of beverage by adding water, cornmeal, and chili peppers. This beverage, called “xocoatl,” was quite bitter and spicy, unlike the sweet chocolate we consume today, but was recognized as a mood lifter so the bitterness was tolerated and consumption grew.

Similar to today’s love affair with chocolate, the Mesoamericans regarded chocolate very highly. Their beverage “xocoatl” was referred to as “the royal drink.” Supposedly it was even consumed by Emperor Montezuma at least fifty times per day. In some of these cultures, chocolate was considered to be a food from the gods – Quetzalcoatl according to Aztec tradition or Kukulkan per the Mayans. Xocoatl or paste “coins” (made from pressing the ground beans together into small medallions) were often served at royal feasts and other important rituals. They were also awarded to soldiers for great accomplishments in battle. And cacao beans were also seen as a greatly valued commodity – often exchanged as a form of currency, in some instances replacing the use of gold.

Chocolate remained a well-kept secret of sorts until the early 1500s. Up to that time, it was only known in the Mesoamerican territories where it was produced. But in 1519, Hernán Cortés, a Spanish explorer, is said to have first encountered it while traveling in the area and then brought it back to Spain. Upon its introduction to the new land, chocolate was first seen as a bitter beverage, considered only good as a medicinal product. But, it didn’t take long before sweeteners like sugar and honey, or flavorings like vanilla were added to make it more appealing.

These sweet and flavorful additions helped to decrease the bitterness and led to chocolate becoming much more appealing. The new flavor profile of the chocolate also saw it being consumed on a larger scale, with aristocrats leading the demand. A major hurdle with meeting the demand was the cumbersome and labor intensive process to make chocolate. Beans had to be sourced from only certain tropical regions of the world and  they had to be shipped long distances at very large costs, driving up prices for the consumers. But despite these obstacles, chocolate was still in high demand throughout the next three centuries. 

While exploring better and more efficient means of producing chocolate, European chocolatiers began looking for new ways to further enhance their products – focusing on the flavor and consistency.

Enter the Swiss – “The Masters of Ingenuity”

Rudolphe Lindt 1880
“Rudolphe Lindt“, 1880, (PD)

The creative mastery of Swiss inventors is not lost on the public. You have Tim Berners-Lee who invented the World Wide Web in 1989, Georges de Mestral to thank for the creation of Velcro in the 1950s, and in 1795, Abraham-Louis Breguet invented the tourbillon – an incredibly complicated mechanism that defeats gravity and makes watches keep time extremely precisely. All are outstanding accomplishments – but for those who love chocolate, there are two Swiss inventors who are even more important – Daniel Peter and Rodolphe Lindt. Without these gentlemen, chocolate would not be the decadent delight we all adore today.  Why?

Remember the Catchphrase “Got Milk?”

Nestlé Dairy Farm
Milk Powder used by Daniel Peter in the first milk chocolate was from the dairy farm of his neighbor Henri Nestlé. “The dairy in Vevey“, 1890 by Nestlé, (CC)

Apparently, up until the late 1800s, chocolate did not include milk. That is, until Daniel Peter, a former candlemaker who was married to a Swiss chocolatier, started to develop his own type of chocolate in the factory where he once made candles. At the time, cacao was still being used primarily as an ingredient for beverages. He started looking into new ways to use the cacao for other means of consumption, first attempting to blend in milk to make a creamier product. As it turned out, this combination resulted in failure because the high water content in the milk made the product quickly turn rancid. Over the next several years, he made various attempts to remedy the problem and in 1875 he finally found his answer. Dehydrated milk. Daniel Peter’s new, unique combination of cacao and dehydrated milk gave birth what is now known as “milk chocolate.”

Further Refinement of Swiss Chocolate Provides Even More Sensory Appeal

Hershey Conche in the early 1900s made by J.M. Lehmann in Dresden / Paris. This machine is on display as part of the Hershey Story Collection.
Conche machine from the early 1900s. “Hershey Conche” by J.M. Lehmann in Dresden / Paris. 2014 (CC)

As if the newly created and very delightful taste of Swiss milk chocolate wasn’t enough, four years after Daniel Peter brought milk chocolate to the world, there was another major development. In 1879, chocolate maker Rodolphe Lindt created a method of further processing the cacao beans and other added ingredients. This process, called “conching” in the chocolate making trade, grinds the mixture into ultra-fine particles – and it is this process that gives Swiss chocolate its extremely smooth, melt-in-your-mouth creaminess. Conching also homogenizes the product which better blends the flavors – plus it helps reduce any acidity coming from the cacao beans. When not processed in such a manner, there can be a hint of a lingering bitter and sometimes vinegar-like flavor in the finished chocolate.



Today’s Favorite? No Surprise – It’s Swiss Milk Chocolate

Infographic detailing differences in Swiss vs American

According to American Cocoa Research Institute (ACRI), over 70% of Americans prefer milk chocolate to dark chocolate – and many of those consumers seek out Swiss or other European-made chocolate products for a couple of good reasons:

  • Swiss and other European milk chocolate requires a 20% or higher cocoa content, unlike American Swiss chocolate which only requires up to 10% cocoa.
  • American chocolate has a higher sugar content as a result of having a lesser percentage of cacao. This ratio makes the product not just sweeter but also lighter in density than Swiss and other European chocolates.
  • Sourcing of beans can have an impact on the flavor of milk chocolate. Chocolatiers in the United States have a tendency to source cacao beans from South America while European manufacturers often choose beans from West Africa. Just like with coffee, beans from different places can present different flavors to the consumer.
  • And finally, when cream and cocoa butter are added, the source of those products has an impact on the finished product. Chocolatiers in Switzerland and other European countries deliberately use European butter and cream due to their higher fat content – important for imparting a smoother texture and richer flavor. They also use more cocoa butter to further enhance the taste and creaminess of the finished Swiss chocolates being produced.

The End Justifies the Means

Difiori CBD Swiss Chocolate

At Difiori, all of our couverture chocolate is crafted in Switzerland by our master chocolatiers with only the highest quality Fair-Trade beans available using the same techniques developed over a century ago.  We want your experience to be like no other. When you take your first bite, our Swiss chocolates will melt and envelope your taste buds in sumptuous luxury as their Swiss chocolatiers intended.


shop now!

Love this chocolate❤

Linda M / Your CBD Store