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Get ready to experience AMERICA’S 1st & only LAB TESTED organic couverture SWISS CHOCOLATES infused with premium American hemp derived CBD!

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Hand-crafted Swiss Chocolate

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Creamy Swiss Milk CBD Chocolate

Experience the rich flavor and smooth sweetness of our signature confection. Crafted from creamy organic milk, straight from Alpine cows and infused with premium quality CBD without any THC, our luscious Swiss milk chocolate elevates your experience for a true feast of the senses.

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Difiori Creamy Swiss Milk Chocolate Bar Infused with 100mg of CBD
Difiori Dark Chocolate Bar Infused with 100mg of CBD

70% Dark Decadent CBD Chocolate

Indulge your darker side with our 70% Dark Chocolate bar. Packed with 70% cacao for a rich, tantalizing flavor with just a hint of bitterness, and infused with top quality American hemp CBD, Difiori’s Dark Chocolate confectionary makes for a taste that lingers.

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Sweet Swiss Coconut CBD Chocolate

When flavor meets sustainability is where our Swiss Vegan Coconut Chocolate shines. Crafted from premium quality dark chocolate, free from dairy and 100% vegan and organic, it blends the enticing flavor of cocoa with the sweetness of coconut for a rich flavor with a smooth texture you can’t help but fall in love with.

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Difiori Sweet Swiss Coconut Chocolate Bar Infused with 100mg of CDB

3 Pack Sampler

Because you just can’t resist wanting to try all of three of our delectable Swiss chocolate bars! This pack is one of each of our bars including 70% dark organic Swiss chocolate, creamy organic Swiss milk chocolate and our smooth vegan coconut Swiss chocolate bar. Each bar contains 5 servings with a total of 100 mg CBD per bar (20mg/serving).

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Zendicia Organic Sleep Chocolate

Introducing our new trade marked Zendica organic sleep chocolates crafted from our 70% Dark Swiss Chocolate and infused with a custom mix of our micro-encapsulated all natural functional ingredients.

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